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February 14, 2017


There have been so many occasions, walking into a business, meetings, strolling down the street, or just posting a picture on social media of me smiling, and people ask, "Why are you so happy?" People tell me, "You are just glowing! I want what you are having."


Truth is, most days the minute I wake up I'm already smiling. I have a light within me that I cannot hide or disguise. That glow shines through me and catches people's attention. I have even been "accused" of having a seemingly perfect life and nothing ever seems to upset me. I choose to take the high road and stay positive. I take the road less traveled by most and keep my negative or dark thoughts and feelings to myself because blasting them on social media or in your ear would mean I'm part of the severe negativity problem in this day and age and it doesn't solve anything.


So here is the thing, I too am living the human experience, as a spiritual being. I have been through a multitude of mistakes and learned plenty of hard life lessons all because I didn't know who I was at my core or what made me happy. Allow me to give you an idea of just a few things I have struggled with. I have fought body image issues, as well as feelings of shame pressed upon me by others. I grew up in an alcoholic family and am an adult child of an alcoholic. Being that I was drawn to men with an addiction, I have been mentally, physically, emotionally,  and spiritually abused, lied to, cheated on, and beaten up. I became undisciplined, had little will power if any, couldn’t stay in a routine, suffered social anxiety, wanted to hide, and never felt good enough.


Yikes! I got so overwhelmed at times, I couldn't make the smallest decision or do the simplest task, as if my brain was barely functioning. Oh, and did I mention how freaking moody I was the whole time? My goodness, I finally went to the doctor and discovered I was suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and had no vitamin D in my body. Now that will make a girl feel crazy! Stress and bad daily choices really does affect our health, I was living proof.


I get up every day just like you, but I choose to love and accept that I allowed all that. Taking responsibility for all that has happened was my first step and I had a new baby to take care of. Thank God I woke up and had the tenacity to work full time and get a college education in Psychology.


I finally met the love of my life and guess what I did? I left him for something I couldn’t accept about myself, that I needed patience and to just let things happen. He showed me the truth about life that everyone kept hidden from me.


Through coaching, hard work, hypnosis, daily exercise, changing my eating habits, personal development, education, manifesting, meditating, connecting with people, and a lot of crying (even to this day), I am me, and I love the maven in me, I am MINDY.


So what actually happens in coaching with Maven Mindy when you create your inner maven?


  • You will learn to let go of the past with any combination of deprogramming with hypnosis, journaling, meditation, essential oils, and other exercises.  

  • Identify core values to gain insight and awareness.

  • Make a real plan of action for to create the life you want.

  • Find Balance  by learning to choose what's best for you each day

  • Gain confidence and self-acceptance

  • Learn self-care practices

  • Set a daily practice regime

  • Be empowered

  • Have tons of Support

  • Setting boundaries and expectations


For the last 5 years I have lived and breathed to create a life I LOVE and now I have discovered my full worth. I earned this glow because I learned to love all of me, even the parts that I resisted to love for most of my life until the last 2 years. I know my truth and I walk in it every day and I'm honest with myself and others. I choose to be happy regardless of my circumstances. Sure I vent, I get upset, and sometimes I even get enraged, but creating FREEDOM in my life, by setting clear boundaries to be exactly who God created me to be, gives me that glow.


I GLOW because...


  • I have been given God’s gift of love

  • I do what I love every day.

  • I have an amazing son that loves me and is incredibly thoughtful, loving, polite, and brilliant.

  • I have a partner in life that accepts me and loves me unconditionally for all that I am and all that I'm not. This only happened because I was able to love myself unconditionally first.

  • I do what I want to make me happy and no longer live under the ideals expectations and approval of others.

  • Each day my creator wakes me up and fills my lungs with air and allows me to be exactly who I am.

  • I aim to inspire and train others to do the same, creating their inner maven to have the optimal life they were born to have.


Do you want to get your glow back and create your inner maven? Contact me for a Skype or in-person consult to see if we align to make your optimal life a reality. It takes deep inner work - are you ready for the change you seek?



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