A Vacation With Myself

October 15, 2016


I recently went on vacation for a week. When I think of vacation, I think yes! I am not gonna have to do anything, but be me and completely enjoy every moment. Now I did just that. But what I didn’t know is that the Universe would show me who I am now, by making me spend the entire week with someone that I used to be. Over the course of the week I came up with the three affirmations you see here and while a lot of times my weekly affirmations seem simple they are really just clear statements that I am or have experienced myself that go very deep into my inner workings. So when you read these each week even if I don’t tell a story please know these are from my soul.


I love being with myself.


Sometimes when you go on vacation you realize you could have gone solo. My friend had a lot to say about what she didn’t like about herself and for some reason it made me appreciate everything I love about me. See I chose not to let her negative self-image impact me but show me how far I have come from that same place of feeling unworthy. Even though I rejected her lies out loud, over the week it became clear that not only did she realize her lies but she chose every day to accept them. This made me know that I am really grateful to just be with me.

I treasure every part of me.


I knew before I left that I am pretty happy with myself as a whole, but when I came back I knew that I treasured every part of me. My friend asked me a ton of questions about life and my beliefs and what would I change, I knew the answers to her questions but was able to truly say that everything led me here to this moment and I don’t regret anything. I boldly proclaimed to her that I have no room in my heart for regret and that no matter how many left turns I have taken that the universe brings me right back to where it wants me to be.


The universe supplies all my needs.


While on my trip whatever I spoke out loud came into existence, so that let me know that I am one with myself and the universe. From having a blast every single day, to meeting like-minded people, to getting that perfect parking spot. I did forget to manifest some good service a few times though, and that is something I will be speaking into existence from now on. I was able to show my friend the power of words all throughout our trip.


I want to leave you with this, no matter what a person feels or goes through be everything you are, and tell your friends the absolute truth about what you see in them. When you go home and face the truth it will make you really think about who you are, where you have been, and who you really want to be. I was thrilled to know that when she got home, she picked up a book on mindfulness and is in the processing of choosing to be who she was created to be not who she found on that trip.


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