Accepting Your SELF

September 1, 2016

Today a close friend called to thank me for a small gift I sent in the mail. See, I know that they are facing a huge transition in their life and the choices they are having to make requires a lot of faith and support. While being in a successful career after two decades, they have been put in a position to move on or stay and be another number for profit and not as a valued and loyal employee. I have heard this person talk about their fears of having to moving on and the internal conflict after dedicating their existence to a company that no longer really cares and in reality, never did. 

I listen as they describe that they never have been able to build a life for themselves because of that loyalty to what I call “the man,” aka corporate America. As an Awareness Coach, I hear similar stories over and over again from my clients. They get lost in their work and forget who they are, lose their confidence as an individual, they get scared into staying compliant, and complacent just to draw a paycheck because they are in fear feeling that there is no way out. They are thinking from a place of lack and loss of self-control. As we were talking all I heard was a cry to be able to be themselves. So I said, 

“It sounds like you just wanna be yourself.”

They took a deep breath and stated that this phrase perfectly described exactly what they had been dealing with and feeling inside for such a long time. Tired of having to prove themselves to an audience that has no depth and no perception of reality. I like to call this the workplace awakening.



I too have experienced this very same thing happen to me. I worked for a company that literally asked me to get a poker face and not be who I am, you know, honest and concise. I found very quickly that I could no longer exist in an environment that asked me to do that, much less keep my mouth shut and be dishonest. When my integrity as a human was challenged, and I grew physically and mentally ill, I rose to the occasion and walked right on out!

Having no job, no income, and no backup plan, I took that gut wrenching leap of faith and I won. I decided to be me, and I mean all of me in this world! I started my business, Maven Mindy, to help people like us find our inner expert again and not live another day under someone else's control. The most important things we can do in our lives is to just be ourselves and no longer be in an environment where that differs from our core values.

Acceptance is everything and it starts with self. Are you ready to just be you?



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