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Private Nail Salons vs. Chop Shops

Quality or quantity? It’s a tough question to ask, but for the self-seeking woman, the answer

should be clear. Quality always exceeds quantity. This blog post is about the quality of nail salons you should choose…even when monetary quantity seems as if it would be the easiest fix.

Private nail salons are always a lot better for your nail heath. When dealing with a private nail salon, you are more likely to receive an experience of quality. This is because private nail salons are usually licensed, family owned, knowledgeable, and experienced. At a private nail salon, you can expect a salon experience that is professional and beneficial for your overall nail health.

While private nail salons may be a bit more expensive, you can generally expect your tools to be sanitized, non-metal products thrown out after each use, your nail techs to exercise

cleanliness, clean work stations, extraordinary customer service, and an experience that you’ll be dying to return to.

If quality hasn’t been much of your thing, it’s likely that you’ve heard of a “Chop Shop.”

While chop shops are typically a lot less expensive, they are commonly known to be owned and operated by people who are unlicensed. This means that the technicians handling your nails are usually uneducated on proper nail care and how to properly sanitize their tools. Aside from lacking the education, they commonly lack the patience and customer service that you’d typically expect from nail technicians. Therefore, your experience may not be much of a quality experience at all.

Here are the pros and cons:

Private Nail Salons

Pros: Quality, Professional, Clean, Patience,

Personable, less of a risk, licensed techs, better

for your overall nail health.

Cons: More expensive.

Chop Shops

Pros: Quantity, Less expensive, Quicker.

Cons: Less hygienic, unlicensed, lacking in education,

Unsanitary, Risky for you & your overall nail health.

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