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When you know who you are, you know what you want. When you know what you want, you take the actions needed to fulfill your dreams. How did I find that out? By discovering that what I was saying and doing every day wasn't working and was keeping me stuck. I realized that when I couldn’t answer the simple question, “What do you want?” I made it my ultimate mission to become aware and that was when I was able to begin to shift my mindset. I also had to discover my core values, not the ones I was told to have but the ones that really meant something to me,deep in my soul. Through coaching I was able to figure out what my values were and what they meant to me. Most importantly, how to translate these values into every area of my life.

Along the way I had to ditch bad habits, language, thoughts, forgive myself and others, leave my comfy box of misery, and break out of emotional jail and constantly putting myself down. As I began to learn myself inside out instead of outside in, I was able to stand taller and firmer every day and now I do things how it best suits my life and strengths. I let go of my fear and pain and found that life really is what I choose to make it every single moment. I gave my power to everyone else, let other people dictate my life and tell me how I should live instead of understanding what I needed and wanted for myself. The best advice I got from my coach was to stop looking outwardly and look within myself. I am tenacious about my inner personal freedom, standing up for my belief system and setting boundaries around that.

One of the most influential lessons I learned from starting my business is that I do not need to allow other people to help me determine what and how to create and run it. When making choices I have to feel intuitively convicted. My heartfelt suggestion is that when you are at the crossroads of Decionsville, please make sure you take time to meditate and reflect on your choices before you make one. By searching within, you will know which one feels right for you without a doubt. If you still aren't sure all that means is that you need more time to get past your emotions to make a sound choice. Don’t be afraid to wait until it feels right.

My motto is: If it doesn’t align with me, it’s not gonna happen.

Have you gotten lost along the way or forgotten to look deep within? I give people who've lost their identity in relationships, work, or society the keys to their "I-Love-Me-Mindset." I would love to invite you to gain clarity, confidence, and an authentic lifestyle.

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