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How to Spot A Clean Nail Salon

Most people go to great lengths in order to seek out trusted hair salons. I mean, think about it. When you’re looking to have your hair colored, trimmed, or styled differently, do you go for any old hair salon? No way! You search high and low for someone experienced and trustworthy. So, why not treat your nails with the same respect that you treat your hair? One of the biggest ways that you can give your nails the same love that you give your hair is by carefully choosing who you trust to care for them. When it comes to nail salons, cleanliness is often the most telling factor in whether the salon should be trusted or not. Here are some signs to look for to help you spot a clean nail salon.

They Disinfect All of Their Tools:

Every nail salon should use a UV sterilizer and hospital-grade disinfectants. These methods kill bacteria and should be used between each and every client.

They Don’t Reuse Non-Metal Tools:

Because non-metal tools are not disinfected between each use, the standard for nail salons is to discard these tools after each use. Your nail technician should never reuse any files, buffers, or sticks that have already been used on a prior client. Reusing non-metal tools can easily spread bacteria and/or nail fungus.

They Are Licensed:

One way to easily gauge the credibility of a prospective nail salon is to spot their credentials. Like restaurants, all nail salons should have their credentials displayed. This assures customers that they are licensed to do what they do.

They Properly Clean and Sanitize Pedicure Tubs:

Especially those that have jacuzzi jets. Pedicure Tubs with jacuzzi jets easily trap bacteria and dead skin. Before having your pedicure, make sure that your jacuzzi is properly sanitized.

They Have Clean Work Stations:

As you browse the work stations of various nail technicians, you should be able to easily determine whether their station is clean and accurately maintained. Every station should have their own set of sanitization tools.

The Barbicide is Not Foggy:

The barbicide is what the tools are placed in before they are sterilized. Take a glance at the glasses of barbicide. If the barbicide is cloudy, chances are that it hasn’t been changed or cleaned in a while.

The Nail Techs Wear Gloves:

Surely one sign of a clean nail salon is clean nail technicians! Just because the tools are disinfected, doesn’t mean that the nail technicians are off the hook. Because nail techs come into contact with a number of people’s hands and feet, it is important for them to wear gloves when handling their clients. This is another way to avoid spreading bacteria and fungus.

They Communicate with You:

Your nail tech should have an open line of communication with you. They should ask you about your wants and needs and ask about your preferred nail solutions before beginning to work on your nails.


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