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Cracks & Fissures (Foot Health)

Cracks and fissures are known as breaks in the skin. They are commonly a result of skin that is either too dry or too moist. When your skin is too dry, it can become rough and flaky. This often causes large fissures to form at the base of your heels. When your skin is too moist, it can cause bacterial or fungal infections. This can result in cracks between your toes. Those who spend a lot of time walking barefoot or wearing open shoes are at more of a risk for dry skin. Those who wear shoes without socks are at more of a risk for moist skin problems.

How Your Feet Can Become Too Dry:

When you walk barefoot, you are stripping your skin of its natural oils. Because natural oils form a protective layer on your skin, your skin may begin to crack. Cracks and fissures leave your feet susceptible to infections.

How Your Feet Can Become Too Moist:

Moist skin can be a result of not drying feet after bathing, from excess sweat, or from improper ventilation when wearing shoes. Skin that is overly moist encourages bacteria and fungus growth.

Care Tips for Dry Skin:

Use moisturizers on your feet after you bathe, and before bedtime.

Ask a medical professional before using pumice stones in order to remove calluses.

Avoid walking barefoot, wearing sandals, and other open shoes.

Care Tips for Dry Skin:

Carefully dry your feet after bathing. Always make sure to dry in between your toes.

Avoid applying moisturizer in between the toes.

Use cotton socks.

Pedicures by trained professionals and proper foot care at home can ensure healthy skin and feet!

*If cracks and fissures are a reoccurring problem, one that is beyond self-repair, or if you’ve gotten a fungal or bacterial infection, seek medical attention. A medical professional will be able to get your feet back into good health and provide you with the tools you need in order to exercise proper foot care.

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