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5 Characteristics of Great Manicurists

Having beautiful, healthy nails does not happen overnight. Whether you’re looking to educate yourself on how to maintain your own nail care regimen, or you’re looking to find someone who can regularly maintain them for you, great manicurists are essential.

Here are 5 characteristics to look for in a great manicurist:

1. Customer Service

When on a journey to obtain inner and outer beauty, it is important to align yourself with like-minded individuals. While every person you encounter may not have a similar mindset, your chosen manicurist should be one of those people who do.

A great manicurist should have customer service skills that are unparalleled. Sure, they shall converse with you and make you feel comfortable, but they should also possess passion and honesty. This means providing you with their honest and professional insight about your nail care habits. A great manicurist will not see you as a mere opportunity to make money. Instead, they will go above and beyond to provide you with the same professional expertise that they have learned themselves.

2. Hygiene & Cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of those characteristics that we all look for when searching for a great nail salon. The standards that apply to salons should also be extended to their technicians. A great manicurist will possess an extraordinary sense of personal hygiene. They will not only take their own personal hygiene seriously, but they will also place the same importance on the cleanliness of their work area. Great manicurists will go out of their way to wash their hands, wear gloves, and disinfect their tools before and after each use. A great manicurist will also not be afraid to provide you with hygienic tips as well.

3. Attentiveness

A great manicurist should possess attentiveness, patience, and passion. Nail care is a task that requires time, effort, and a ton of attention to detail. Obtaining healthy nails does not happen overnight. A manicurist knows this firsthand. This is why being passionate about their career can do so much for their success within the field. Great manicurists will take their time, exercise the best solutions for the health of your nails, have patience when you have questions or suggestions, and exude their passion in all of their endeavors.

4. Health-Conscious

Being health conscious and being clean are two separate things. Where being hygienic includes the cleanliness of the nail technician, their tools, and their overall workspace, being health conscious addresses the knowledge that your nail technician possesses. A health-conscious manicurist will be aware of harsh products and chemicals that can be damaging to your nails. Great manicurists are well informed when it comes to using the best products that are currently on the market. They truly believe that quality exceeds quantity, and work to provide their clients with products that are top of the line, and as harmless as possible.

5. Open-mindedness

Any great professional knows that there is never enough learning opportunities. Therefore, a great manicurist will always be open to opportunities to learn. While they have the knowledge they need in order to sustain their business and express their talents, great manicurists never turn down an opportunity to learn more.

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