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3 Things That Are Ruining Your Nails (and How You Can Fix Them)

Here are 3 things that are ruining your nails and what you can do to fix them:

  1. Gel Nails & Acrylics It’s no denying that gels and acrylics are totally trendy. However, they aren’t the healthiest solutions when it comes to your nails. Gel nails and acrylics are hard on your nails because nail technicians have to buff and file your nails in order to make them stick. Both the buffing process and the removal process are extremely harmful to your overall nail health. While the buffing process can result in extremely thin nails, soaking your nails in harsh chemicals like acetone can cause wear on the nail as well. Solution: Limit your gel & acrylics to special occasions. If you can avoid getting them at all, that would be great! Instead, work on making your own nails beautiful and healthy!

  2. Harmful Chemicals in Your Nail Polish Many nail polishes include harsh ingredients like DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. If you aren’t carefully choosing nail polishes that are free of harsh chemicals, chances are you’re doing more harm to your nails than help. Luckily, there are a number of harmless solutions that are available. My Jojoba Spa Product line is one of them! It’s all natural, vegan, and cruelty free; this means not only will your nails love them, but you will too! Solution: Look for products that are natural, vegan, and nontoxic.

  3. Removing Nail-polish With Acetone While acetone works wonders when it comes to removing nail polish, it’s also a diligent solvent of other things. One of these is the natural oils that can be found in your nails, cuticles and skin. Frequent use of acetone can severely dry out your skin and nails. Solution: Choose non-acetone polish removers; they use solvents that are less aggressive and harmful.

Mindy’s Mod Nail Spa uses safe, natural products that promote healthy nails in a clean, comfortable environment.

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