“I support my clients by loving just who they are, and that allows them to evolve.” ~Maven Mindy


In a world full of followers, be authentic, be original, be YOU.

Are you ready to reduce stress and show yourself some TLC?


To cultivate thoughtful environments that allow for true self-compassion for individuals committed to creating an authentic, healthy, and happy life.


My goal is to provide self-care tools that allow you to begin creating an optimal lifestyle while promoting environments of self-acceptance. I introduce methods that awaken confidence, deeper connections, harmony, and truth within ourselves. Utilizing my education, training, and ability to overcome obstacles in my own life, I am able to direct this type of mindfulness in others. I serve those who are ready for lifestyle changes and willing to take action – helping you to realize that YOU get to CHOOSE mindful living and toxic free, natural self-care that won’t damage your nails, skin and overall health.

 I do that through:


  • Pampering Self-Care Services

  • Empowering Workshops

maven: an expert, especially in everyday matters.



Not only is mindy an amazing person and so fun to be around her pedicures rock! Seriously this woman makes you feel like a better person just hanging out with her. This is the first time I’ve ever had a private pedicure by someone not in one of those shops where you know they’re talking about you in another language. It was incredible. Just after the scrub and nail clean up I felt like a million bucks. My toes looked so good I could have walked out right then ready for a fancy vacation. And then the polish, it’s super eco friendly and I can feel it weeks later. My toes feel healthy, not tight or weighed down. There is no other place for me now. Maven Mindy’s Mod Nail Spa is amazing! Book with her easy online!!!!

Benefits to scheduling at Mindy’s Mod Nail Spa

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  • Private Suite- for a true self-care experience

  • Nail wellness, safety, and overall client health is top priority

  • Use disposable implements and pedicure bowl liners

  • Autoclave Medical Grade Sterilization

  • Use vegan, organic, cruelty-free, & medical grade products

  • Specializing in nail treatments and self-care with a twist of positivity

  • Certified Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Technician

  • 5 Star Safety Rated & Oxygenating & Gluten Free Gel System

  • No Odors, No harsh chemicals, and we never damage your natural nail

  • Copper Pedicure Basin

  • We Recycle our waste

  • Background in Massage and Reflexology

  • B.S. Social Psychology

  • Local Business Owner

Giving you the keys to

unlock love, freedom, &


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July 3, 2018

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June 1, 2018

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I’ve lived through so much abuse, trauma and pain starting as a small child and continuing through my adult life. Being abused by both parents instilled a lifetime distrust of men and women, along with a major precautionary flag when trying to give or receive love from either gender. At age fifty, someone has to show me that they are trustworthy. Words mean nothing to me now. I have to see that you are who you say, and usually this trust process takes time.


I was so taken aback that I heard myself literally saying the words “I love you” to Mindy – after having known her for only a short while.  I was surprised that I felt SAFE enough to say those words to anyone. Thank you for not only personally making me feel safe Mindy, but because you broke through that barrier, I am now seeing that it is possible to feel safe with others.

~ Mary

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